JESUS - Murderer of Jews

The real message regarding Brand Killer of Jews is that the killer of Jews is Jesus and Jesus wants Jews to be murdered. The slides below are all embedded subliminal content and all enforce and re-enforce Jesus as Brand Killer of Jews.



Last Supper.

     Driver meets the Jew Rose in a Chinese Restaurant (This, in accordance with the stereotype of Jews being obsessed with Chinese Food). The scene contains a couple of embedded subliminal symbols pertaining to Jesus. There is a monstrance (the large disc inside a cross, with red letters in the middle) , and a glass of red wine.  In Catholic rites, the monstrance contains the host, which represents the body of Jesus.








The Jew is only focused on money during the meal (In the book Rose was a kind of regal guy, and money was never mentioned.

 It was Driver that started the fight by murdering an associate of Rose's (not Nino)). Driver foresees what is about to happen, and as he is foreseeing the Jew stab him, he smiles, knowing that his mission will be completed.




Driver also foresees himself stabbing the Jew, and displays a bit of sadness at this (In the book, Driver only mourned for one person, Bernie Rose).









The death of Jesus/Driver is replete with a lot of subliminal metaphysical and religious imagery.
















 Notice that the car appears to be in a different place than the parking lot near a shopping center that we see before the Jew stabs driver (It looks like a bright lunar landscape) .







As Driver rises from the dead, he drives away. We see the dead Jew in a crucified position, next to a bag of money, with a subliminal JC on his side, and the camera pans down to his hand with blood on it (even though he stabbed Driver with the other hand). These images serve to remind the viewer, including unconsciously, that Driver is Jesus, and that the Jews murdered Jesus.



Here is the scene in context (Note the white light across Driver's eyebrows):



Music of Hate.

    The above hateful scene, is further fleshed out by the music that plays at this point, and the lyrics. 

A Real Human Being and A Real Hero 

Real  human being ( being bein being... )
And a real hero ( hero hero hero... )
Back against the wall and odds
With the strength of a will and a cause
Your pursuits are called outstanding
You're emotionally complex
Against the grain of dystopic claims
Not the thoughts your actions entertain
And you, have proved, to be
A real human being, and a real hero
Real human being, and a real hero
Real human being, and a real hero
Real a human being ( being being being... )
A pilot on a cold, cold morn'
One hundred fifty-five people on board
All safe and all rescued
From the slowly sinking ship
Water warmer than
His head so cool
In that tight bind knew what to do
And you, have proved, to be
A real human being, and a real hero
Real a human being, and a real hero
Real a human being, and a real hero
Real a human being
Real a human being ( being being being... )
Real a human being.


     We then see the second filthy Jew being cleansed (subliminally) by having his body dragged through the painting of the waves near the shore. Here is that scene in context:

Jesus as Angel of Death

     As Driver stalks the Jew Nino, in a skinhead mask, he observes Nino hitting on a Gentile woman, that looks disgusted. He is framed by a red cross. There is the subliminal reference to Jews being pushy on the door ("push" is written twice), and the charity box near the register is empty (a reference to Jews being money hungry). These details were deliberately placed into those scenes (Refn is a self admitted "fetish" director). Music is playing from an anti-Apartheid song (a recent false allegation against Israel), and as the lyrics say "A Day, A Brighter Day:,   Driver starts to glow, again with the ever common holy light. The lyrics then are :

                                       When all the shadows will fade away.....

                                       The stars must fade away to bring a bright new Day

    Here is that scene in context:


Later, Driver, with a halo and a misty "snake" eminating from the sand around Driver, murders Nino by a form of Baptism, dunking him in the Ocean. The Jew, filthy, degraded, and dehumanized,  does not fight back, and tries to run away, in a manner consistent with Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda. Again, none of this was in the book.