Brand Victim of Jews

"Us" Versus "Them"

     The victim of the Jews has none of the attributes of Brand Jew. As a result, the victim of the Jew is attractive, selfless, benevolent, naive, pure, vulnerable, trusting, Aryan, Palestinian, blonde, young, defenseless, saintly, handicapped, and produces goods and services by their own labor.

     We care about the victims of the Jews, and thereby hate the Jews even more.

1. Martyred Saint

Here is a single frame from Drive. It is of the subliminal type that is displayed too fast to consciously notice.

Here is that frame in context:

     Notice that Driver always has a light shining on his head, and there is the upper interior light on in the car, consistent with the constant halo on  Driver. Shannon, crippled by associates of the Jew Nino,  will soon be murdered by the Jew using Kosher ritual, which the director, after first stating that film is a director's medium (ie He is in charge), then stated:" I suppose it comes from that [Kosher ritual], but what's wrong with that?"

     Before Shannon is murdered by the Jew, he protects Driver by not saying where Driver is. At this point an embedded subliminal cross appears, in opposition to the gold Star of David behind the Jew murderer.  

















Here is that scene in context:

    Poor Shannon. First, he has his pelvis broken by the Kike Nino, for alleged overcharging. Then, he is swindled out of his share of the partnership he creates(he only gets 30%, but he has to give that away to get the rest of the money for the business that the Jew Rose would not give him). Rose will not even shake his hand when they consumate the deal, but does shake Shannon's hand in order to murder him "Kosher style".  Unlike the Jews, who are "middlemen", Shannon works, repairing cars.

     In the book, none of these bad things happened to Shannon. His hip injury was from a crash. Nino was not Jewish, and no one murdered Shannon.

3. Saint Irene.

    Irene is a beautiful, saintly nordic/Aryan looking woman. Aryan of course because the Jews are their enemy. She is also embued with subliminal holiness. We do not see her drink alcohol, smoke, swear, have sex, or do any other bad thing. In fact, Driver's transformation begins when he is offered a glass of water by Irene (who offers a glass of tap water to anyone in America?)


The book - Irena and Standard Guzman are Hispanic:

He’d been coming up the stairs when the door next to his 
opened and a woman asked, in perfect English but with the 
unmistakable lilt of a native Spanish speaker, if he needed 
any help. Seeing her, a Latina roughly his age, hair like a 
raven’s wing, eyes alight, he wished to hell he did need help. 


     Irene of course, is the modern version of Dorothea from the Nazi film Jud Suss. Notice the embedded subliminal menorah in the background.










4. Palestinian.

      Poor Standard. First, he was charged usuorous interest rates by the Jews for "protection". Then, just when Standard is trying to turn his life around, and starting to enjoy raising his adorable son, the Jews have him beaten up. The Jews also threaten Irene and Standard's son if Standard won't commit a dummy robbery that is really a set up to have Standard murdered so the Jews can steal the money. A Palestinian actor was chosen for the subliminal message regarding Jews' alleged abuse of the Palestinians. The name Gabriel was chosen (it was Guzman in the book), because Gabriel, according to Islam, is an archangel and guides the prophets.  









     Here is the Nazi take on Jews and Palestinians from the Nazi propaganda film Der Ewige Jew - The Eternal Jew


Cute Littel Kid.

     True to their playbook, the creators of Drive had to have the Jews threaten the cute little son of the abused Standard.









     Of course none of the above Jew hating was in the book. why was it added by the Iranian screenwriter Hossein Amini, and the Danish Director Refn ?