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Greetings: I am sending you this letter because I hope you will share my concern about a new form of promoting hatred that involves deceiving and manipulating the (primarily young adult) viewer of the motion picture Drive, which was widely released in 2011. I am the attorney suing FilmDistrict, the studio behind Drive, under the Michigan Consumer Protection Act, which prohibits certain unfair business practices involving consumers. In this case, false advertising, and subliminal messages of hate. The case is presently in the Michigan Court of Appeals. Drive’s, messages of hatred, widely distributed in America and throughout the world, contains subliminal messages and themes, as well as overt but subtle messages, designed to cause individuals to hate Jews and Judaism, and to commit criminal violence, and/or accept criminal violence against Jewish civilians. These messages of hate rely heavily on basic Christian religious symbols and concepts, misused and perverted, and employ Nazi style anti-Semitic themes, to support its shameful message. Disguised as entertainment, Drive is a cohesive, focused message - a slick commercial, persuading the viewer that “Brand Jew” is evil and dark, and that “Brand Jew Killer”, is the holy light. This is not a movie about some bad Jews, which, like any group, there certainly are. This is a message of hate against Jews as a people, and Judaism as a religion. The subliminal symbols, in the context used, and other modern persuasive techniques, deliver this unacceptable, sweeping message to the unsuspecting viewer. The stills below, a small sample of the total outrageous content, could have only been the product of a team with both an advanced background in the technology of modern commercials, applied to a raging hatred of Jews.  Drive’s message, directed primarily to young Christians, is to act now, violently against the Jew, before it’s too late.       By the same token, Jewish symbols and themes are used to persuade the viewer that Jews and Judaism are sadistic, cruel, and evil.             For a while now, the line between entertainment media and persuasive media has become increasingly blurred, as product placement, and similar messages have appeared more and more frequently in films. However, until Drive there has never been a widely distributed motion picture in America that has disseminated a message promoting hatred and criminal violence in such a deceptive and sophisticated way. Even films that disparage a given minority, almost invariably have a good member of that minority, or show the bad guys with some humanity. Not so for the Jews in Drive. A telling fact is that Drive started out as a book, written by James Sallis, that was philo-Semitic. There was a Jewish gangster, Bernie Rose, in the book, who had class, was empathetic, and tried to do good deeds in the twilight of his life, including interceding on behalf of his battered and abused neighbor. There was a Jewish car genius, Herb Danziger in the book that taught the protagonist, Driver, to drive. There was also an evil gangster, Nino, not Jewish. An important part of the plot involves Driver’s attraction to his dark haired Hispanic neighbor Irena. The motion picture Drive, from FilmDistrict, was adapted for the screen by the Iranian Hossein Amini. Drive was directed by the Dane Nicolas Winding Refn. The result was a film that, with laser focus, removed any positive attributes from the book pertaining to anything having to do with Judaism, and replaced them with Nazi stereotypes, using embedded subliminal content, as well as more overt, yet subtle messages. This process involved pruning from intermediate versions of the screenplay any content that indicated any hint of humanity on the part of the Jewish characters such as family connections, or any act of empathy. The net result is that Drive is about how the Jews cause death, misery and destruction to everyone’s life – All for money and greed. Drive’s anti-Semitic content included the soundtrack and lyrics to further promote the message of hate. The murderer of the Jews is a “real human being, and a real hero”, saving a “slowly sinking ship”. When the Jew feigns empathy, an ominous tone reminds us that the Jew is really threatening the Christ like Driver. So, the dark haired Irena in the book became the Aryan blonde Irene, threatened along with her adorable child, by the “Kikes”. The empathetic avuncular gangster Bernie Rose became the money hungry selfish pushy murderous Kike, that uses Kosher Slaughter to murder the angelic, Christian martyr. Herb Danziger is eliminated from the movie. The evil Nino becomes a Jew disguised as an Italian, and so on. In fact, a book that had no anti-Semitism becomes a movie with virtually every anti-Semitic stereotype. Given the context, these are not skewed interpretations. In fact, Refn has been previously noted to employ hyper stereotyping in both his films and commercials, and subliminal in his commercials. Refn merely applied such tools of his trade to sell his message of hate in Drive. Such an unprecedented use must be condemned, resisted, and countered. Drive represents the future of promoting hatred!   Unfortunately, Drive has demonstrated the failure of our institutions to properly respond to such an outrage. First, our self-proclaimed, publically well-funded, large watch dog groups, such as the Anti-Defamation League, “ADL”, led by Abe Foxman, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, led by Rabbi Marvin Heir, have refused to speak out publically, or take any other public action against this new and sophisticated form of anti-Semitism, preferring to point out and condemn less sophisticated and more obvious forms of anti-Semitism that anyone can recognize. This silence is hypocritical in light of Foxman’s own criticism of silence in the face of anti-Semitism, because to do so was: “ …giving it added legitimacy through … silence.” It is painful to recall that virtually all Jewish American groups were similarly silent during the Holocaust. In contrast to the major Jewish organizations, there are experts that do “get it” (See http://vnnforum.com/showthread.php?t=134447 ): Just a nice, odd little flick but as the second half unspooled, to my amazement, kike villains! The real deal, made my ears go up. Albert Brooks is probably the jewiest of all jews ever in a movie. And when he takes a fork and... Wait, you gotta see that. He's utter trash and maybe not even acting. Forget the blood in this sequence, it's just jews being jewish. The face-off is climactic, but all muted; still I liked the White Man taking out the jewtrash with style. And his sense of honor is first-rate, saving the White Girl, but not taking the place of her beaner husband. (You'll just have to take my word.) No idea how this came off on the big screen. Sure worked for me. Yes, the movie is slow and takes a long time getting to it. Older guys like me really aren't part of this movie's demograpic, but fu.. it. The kike showdown was just what I needed, and maybe I'm not alone. Big, white thumb all the way UP!   Second, and even worse, our legal system has failed us so far. The Oakland County Michigan trial judge dismissed the case because, as a matter of Michigan law, the promotion of significant anti-Semitism, both overt and subliminal, which the paying consumer is not expecting, does not tend to deceive or mislead a consumer. This, according to the trial Judge. FilmDistrict has tried to justify this message promoting hate and criminal violence by cynically hiding behind the First Amendment. However, the First Amendment does not apply to false advertising, or subliminal content, both of which FilmDistrict is guilty of. Why does FilmDistrict need to hide its message of hate, when such an open message is legal? We strongly support the First Amendment, but an agenda promoting hatred against Americans because of their heritage, disguised as, and within, entertainment, and falsely marketed as such, is not acceptable, or compatible with the First Amendment. The subliminal promotion of such hatred is even worse because it is sneaky and deceptive. Decent people can agree on that. Millions of people have been exposed, almost all unknowing, to this brilliantly and artistically crafted message of hate. One young adult, a practicing Christian female, saw Drive forty times, not consciously realizing what she was seeing, and horrified when she found out. The movie is continually being shown on streaming services such as Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, premium cable, and others. It is considered a cult film by many. If the success of Drive, and the failure to counter its message of hate is any indication, there will be more such films embedding in the unsuspecting viewer’s mind hatred, and promoting the need to act out violently, against other additional groups. Are these subliminal messages effective? If their prevalence in modern commercials, or the unknowing effect they have on behavior is any indication, they are very effective. On behalf of the group Against Subliminal Hate - “ASH”, I urge you to become involved.  This letter cannot even scratch the surface of these issues. Visit our web site, www.FightHiTechHate.com, follow the lawsuit, write letters, talk to your neighbors, email or call us. We want to talk with you. Together we can stand up against such hate, because if history is any indication, sooner or later we all pay for this.   Yours truly, /s/ Martin H. Leaf__________ Martin H. Leaf            


WHO WE ARE The people behind this website,  are a few, but growing number of fighters with a conscience, imagination, and innovation. We are fighting against the illegal and unprovoked war FilmDistrict has been waging against Jews and Judaism, every time Drive is shown. We are fighting back, and also launching our own offensive, including the justified and well grounded lawsuit Deming v CHNOVI.  We do not intend to quit because opposing anti-Semitism now, is easier than opposing it later. We do not have to be beholden to our donors, like the tired old guard, because we don't take any money. Martin H. Leaf, Esq is the attorney for the Plaintiff in the lawsuit. Sarah Deming is the Plaintiff, a hero, and is not Jewish. FilmDistrict has their Danish Director Nicholas Refn, their Iranian screenwriter, Hossein Amini, and a fat war chest to wage this war against the Jews and Judaism, and like the Nazis, are ever mindful of making a profit by peddling this hate, including fraudulently selling their Madison Avenue anti-Semitism. There may even be foreign government sponsors. We have only the truth and justice on our side, which is the reason we have an uphill battle ahead of us. [caption id="attachment_306" align="alignleft" width="584"] A Message of Hate - The Future Victims Didn't Act[/caption] The murder of Jews, and the incitement to criminal violence against Jews, always begins with a message, or indoctrination of hate. That message is a condition precedent to the murder and violence that follows. You must watch Drive at least once, all the way through, before the message consciously coalesces. It is essential. Ask yourself, who were the irredeemable, unrepentant, inhuman greedy threatening villains throughout ? If you are also wondering why a Jewish star is so prominent in a scene where a crippled sympathetic Gentile human is being ritually slaughtered, at the top of this page, you are not alone. The subliminal pictures expose part of what is under the hood in Drive. The importance that Drive imparts on Jew hatred is unprecedented in American cinema outside the lunatic fringes.  Adolf Hitler, similarly obsessed with Jews,  painted a detailed picture of hatred of the Jews of Vienna in Mein Kampf. FilmDistrict's Drive, paints an equally negative, obsessive hate filled portrait of Jews in America. Drive manifests every facet of Genocide: IdentificationVilification, Dehumanization, Annihilation, Sublimination, Desecration, Falsification. In order to understand Drive, it is useful to compare Drive to other movies that embody features that are present in Drive. First and foremost is Jud Suss. For all its evil, and for all of the murder and genocide it promoted, it is the essential film to understand Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda. Jud Suss stands for the correct proposition that effective Jew hatred propaganda should be subtle, as opposed to overt, with an engaging story, that employs music, the subliminal, and an ending that vanquishes the Jew, and seduces the viewer into believing that the Jew can, and should be destroyed. That of course, is the kabbalistic essence of Amalek. But keep in mind that even Jud Suss is much more overt in its message compared to Drive. But the messages are the same in both films. In addition, Bernie Rose and Izzy/Nino, the two Jews in Drive manifest all of the Nazi anti-Semitic stereotypes found in Jud Suss. The Eternal Jew, is another Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda film. It is an example of how not to make a propaganda film for a wider audience. It was a commercial flop due to its "in your face" obvious propaganda. It was effective however, for the hard core Nazis that needed a burst of Jew hating adrenalin before they murdered by beating to death innocent Jewish civilian women and children. So in that sense, it was effective. Drive, takes every Nazi stereotype found in Jud Suss, and The Eternal Jew, and re-packages these false stereotypes  in a very subtle way. Drive also includes the ritualistic "Kosher Slaughter" found in The Eternal Jew. Drive also embodies an important aspect of the movie The Sixth Sense. If you watch the movie twice or more, you are amazed at how much you have missed, the first time, once the "goof" is pointed out. And so it is with Drive, once you are familiar with the Nazi anti-Semitic stereotypes, they become crystal clear throughout the movie. However, unlike The sixth Sense, which shows what really happened at the end, Drive never explicitly shows you how you have been manipulated. Such subtlety, is the best way to promote hatred against Jews to the American public at this time. But don't deceive yourself. The evil geniuses behind Drive  have the next level of hatred already in the works, to be promoted when needed. If the price of gas goes too high, or the economy tanks, or an ugly protracted war with Iran ensues, a more escalated and overt message of hatred will be unleashed. At that time, the same people behind Drive will calculate that Jews will be sufficiently on the defensive to complain too much about a mere movie (in some ways, we are already there), and the vicious cycle, that has already begun with Drive, will accelerate. If Drive and its successors are allowed to continue unchallenged, all American Jews will feel as intimidated, and on the defensive, as the Jews in Europe today, or our youth on college campuses, to say nothing of the plight of the Jews trapped in Islamic countries. The actor below, is manipulated to represent quite a few anti-Semitic concepts. The sad fact is that a Jew was used for this anti-Semitism. Was the customary thirty pieces of silver paid ? [caption id="attachment_9" align="alignleft" width="584"] Could another anti-Semitic stereotype possibly be crammed into this picture?[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_13" align="alignleft" width="584"] It's Done, It's Over, It's Painless. Notice the subliminal exposed trachea with blood pouring out, all formed by the string for his glasses. .[/caption] [caption id="attachment_20" align="alignleft" width="584"]His name is on the car - "SHARK" In Case You Missed The Subliminal - Notice The Shark's Head On The Car and the gold shark fin under the wheel. The Jews are the sharks.[/caption]