Film critics, both professional, and amateur,  rarely, if ever, go beyond the superficial in a movie. The original story of the Drive lawsuit, was spun as a disgruntled woman sues because she did not like a movie. The spin was that the Plaintiff was a typical dumb American hick that wanted the spam of The Fast and The Furious  instead of the filet mignon of Drive. It just so happens that the Plaintiff, who is not Jewish, but rather a Daughter of the American Revolution,  and a  history major,  understood the movie Drive better than 99.9% of the so called critics, at least to the extent of what they let on, to say nothing of the regular moviegoers. There have been countless stories about this lawsuit on the internet, from all over the world, in all the major languages. The irony is that The Fast and The Furious franchise represents an important principle about America today: You make the team if you are good enough, regardless of your race, religion, gender, or national origin. Drive on the other hand, with all its ostensible haute couture, is in essence,  a Nazi hate film. Now, which is better for a night out of entertainment ? Of course the film critics gushed over another hate film: Jud Suss. Like Drive, Jud Suss was a  Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda film, and was awarded The Golden Lion award, for best film 1940, at the Venice Film Festival in 1941. One young film critic, later to become the legendary Director Michael Antonioni gushed:  "If this is propaganda, then we welcome propaganda. This is an engaging, penetrating, extraordinarily effective film." Jabotinsky Center Fight Hatred WDIV Refn the Director of Drive interview -  Go to the twenty-six  minute mark Hossein Amini the screenwriter discusses his fear of a backlash because of expectations of "Fast and Furious" "They are opening in America, terrifyingly wide," he says. "A big, wide audience is going to think they are going to see a mainstream picture. It's great in some ways, but I think there is inevitably going to be a backlash, as it is still very indie. "The first 45 minutes, which I love ... if you are going to see Drive thinking it will be like The Fast and the Furious, you are in for a disappointment." Seth Rogen, famous actor, producer, and director,  talks about Drive - Go to the six minute mark Rabbi Chaim Moshe Bergstein of Farmington Hills talks about Drive and Mein Kampf

Rabbi Chaim Moshe Bergstein of Farmington Hills talks about Drive, pt. 1.  

Rabbi Chaim Moshe Bergstein of Farmington Hills, talks about Drive, pt. 2.

Albert Brooks, "Bernie Rose" Twitter Albert Brooks Interview I like the fact that Albert Brooks was so careful not to defame a great religion, and bent over backwards and forwards not to offend in any way members of that religion. Could it be  because he knew that if he did the same thing to the Muslims in Looking For Comedy in the Muslim World that he did to the Jews and Judaism in Drive, "for the rest of his life he would be looking over his shoulder", lest a Hallal shechting be performed on him ? And as for Brooks claim that he was robbed by the Academy for not nominating him for an Academy Award for Drive, all one has to do is compare his tough-guy accent throughout most of the film, with his whining Brooklyn Jewish twang when he is eating his "Chink food" at Nino's. I don't recall Marlon Brando similarly losing his accent in "The Godfather". In fact, had Brooks insisted that the character Bernie Rose be portrayed more like the book, instead of a Kike, then Brooks would arguably have won an Academy Award. The book in fact did represent a persona, in Bernie Rose, similar to The Godfather's Don Corleone in its depth of a nuanced character, that could evoke empathy, sympathy, and admiration, despite being in the underworld. But no worry, Brooks will always, and best  be remembered, like Ferdinand Marian's Jud Suss, as the messenger of hatred against Jews and Judaism.

Typical superficial coverage:

 Jews that are proud that "finally Jews are depicted as criminals". "This claim of anti-semitism is completely bogus, a last-ditch effort to make sense of Deming’s foolish claim that she was mislead into seeing a decent film. If we had to file suit every time we saw “extreme gratuitous defamatory dehumanizing racism directed against members of the Jewish faith” we’d have no Schindler’s List, no Life is Beautiful, no History of the World: Part I. What a world! " - Jonathan Poritsky Countless stories all around the world making fun of the anti-Semitic claim: